About Us

Enhanced Interiors Remodeling is a family owned, Father and Son company. Established in 1989 by Bill Dusold, Enhanced Interiors Remodeling was started with the intention of remodeling only the interiors of the homes. As time progressed, the natural evolution was to provide complete home remodeling services while maintaining its original name.

While enjoying a successful engineering career, Bill started Enhanced Interiors Remodeling business. Lacking tangible evidence of improvements while in industry, Bill was spurred by the constant and unlimited change in the remodeling process. As Bill has always stated, “At the end of a day, there will be change.”

Following in his fathers footsteps Andy Dusold attended Dunwoody College of Technology and received a degree in Architectural Drafting and Estimating. After working for Lennar Homes as a construction coordinator and DAFC as a site supervisor, Andy decided that the time was right to go to work along side his father. Together they are solely responsible for the success of the company.

Bill and Andy have a great understanding of the hard work it takes to provide excellent quality and superior customer service. Just as their motto states “Working with the customer from conception through completion” Enhanced Interiors Remodeling will work for you.